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SPPGrowth Key Principles

Our name is not coincidental, succinctly reflecting what we believe enables business to deliver unprecedented growth, and in turn individuals achieve meaningful careers:

  • Strategy – we’re not crazy about this word, but essentially this is how to best go from “A to B”, whilst keeping a flexible mindset, be it as an individual or business … get this wrong and you fail. This includes M&A growth plans, where failure rates are typically as high as 90%

  • People – As an individual, this means, "do I know who I am, what makes me special, and what is my purpose. For a business this is not just about recruiting a great team… that’s the easy bit. Question is, does each key player in your team realise what makes him or her unique and incredible. Performance, initiative, creativity and delivery are taken to another level when they do.

  • Priorities – What are the two or three things that need to be done right now?.... this takes courage, insight and risk taking, because by definition you need to say “no” to a thousand and one things that you could be doing.

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