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Towards a Meaningful Career – Insights from my Mentor

Blessed, lucky … call it what you want, but ultimately it is my mentor who has been the single most important source of inspiration, guidance and wisdom that has led to having a meaningful career combined with an incredible family life.

Undoubtedly we will all have many lessons in how to approach life once Covid-19 is behind us. Here’s a drop of wisdom which I was fortunate enough to receive before this all started.

Sharing them in the hope that they might help us make our workplaces and work lives better than they were pre-Covid.


Question... what will your Corona Career look like?... what will you say that you actually did to help support and guide those who suffered... be it in work, financial, mental health or relationships?

Thank you R Menachem Junik mentee of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson of blessed memory.

Over the next 50 weeks we will share 50 invaluable insights ... see below video links:

#1:  A day on the beach, or a day at work - revealing the opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the workplace


#2: It's NOT who you know... but HOW you know them - a true game changer in empowering and building teams

#3: Excellence in management explained in just one line - the foundation stone principle to truly impactful management

#4:  Great team work - we love it!... BUT, easier said than done!... or is it? - Simple and impactful insight which enables and encourages sustainable powerful team behaviors.

#5. Made it in life?.. here’s a transformational aspect to this goal..

#6 The Question to ask yourself which gives the answers/insights to a problem or challenge faced in the work place 

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