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SPP Growth

Three insights to transforming business growth... leading to developing more meaningful careers

Following thirty years of a meaningful career, with work life balance, raising a family of five, financial independence and delivering billion dollars of value, SPPGrowth focuses on three key principles to deliver : 

  • Business  Growth/Scaling – breaking through the challenges be it through organic growth or M&A

  • Meaningful purposeful careers

SPPGrowth Benefits


Everyone wants to have a meaningful life. A career is part of this journey.

Central to one's personal path, is to build a meaningful career, driven by purpose humanity, and courage in doing and behaving in a way which is true to you, and correct. 

One's approach to leading a meaningful career is central to one's personal success in all aspects of life, both in and out the work place.



When you bring together:

  1. An effective value/risk adjusted, implementable strategy .. which importantly, always has appropriate real-time flex in it.

  2. A team of people, who believe in themselves as individuals, confident in achieving the most ambitious of visions and respect and value each member in the team

  3. A courageous, clear and determined view of priorities and what needs to be done now


The Benefits are transformational:

  • Quality investors come to the table:

    • If you’re looking to raise funds, your plans, insight to achieve them, confidence and credibility are transformed. Investors will see that, and be attracted to the depth of your “savviness” as well as compelling proposition.

  • Funds raised last three times longer

    • You’ve raised funds and are now executing plans, but you quickly learn that things don’t always go according to plan. Applying SPPGrowth principles encourages greater effectiveness, efficiency and impact, meaning funds last three to four times than average.

  • Scaling barriers and challenges are broken through

    • You’ve made some traction in the market but scaling brings new challenges and at times tougher ones. This is precisely where opportunity must not be lost and the bulk of value still needs realisation. SPPGrowth, provides insights into how to ensure continued success, breaking through the scaling barriers and hurdles

  • Hockey stick expectations and results return

    • You’re established but looking to rejuvenate progress, SPPGrowth facilitates a fresh, insightful view to go from flat line to hockey stick

Misty Woodland

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